CTA Accidents

Were You Hurt By Chicago Transit Authority?

Tens of thousands of people in Chicago take public transportation to work, school and a variety of other places every day. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses are a substantial part of life for many commuters, and this form of transport is generally quite safe.
However, the combination of the weight and speed of buses and trains, when taken in conjunction with their slower response times when attempting to stop, can result in serious accidents.

If you or someone close to you was recently harmed in an accident involving Chicago transit, pursuing legal action may be the right step for you. A lawyer can help you understand the level of compensation you may be entitled to and ensure your rights are protected.

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Understanding CTA Accidents And Injuries

The public transportation system in Chicago experiences numerous accidents every year. According to the CTA, the subway system averaged more than two train accidents every month in 2011, and there was an average of 19 bus accidents per month in the same year.
The L train alone carries over 700,000 people daily during the week and, inevitably, accidents occasionally follow. CTA accidents are most commonly caused from:

  • Sudden stops
  • Conductor errors
  • Inadequate lighting at intersections that lead to crashes with motor vehicles
  • Unexpected train derailment

Like with all motor vehicle accidents, establishing liability will be an essential component of building a case and in accidents involving the CTA, the city of Chicago or state of Illinois can often be held liable. These local and state governments are legally responsible for making certain their buses and trains are safe to use. Another important aspect of building your case is understanding — and documenting — the severity of your injuries. The damage of a train accident can be immense and can stay with victims for life. Recorded injuries from CTA accidents include:

  • Broken bones, the more minor of accident injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries, which can seriously impact mobility
  • Paralysis, affecting every aspect of a victim’s life
  • Limb loss, which can impact a victim’s quality of life

When a CTA accident happens, those who have been injured have certain rights with respect to compensation for their injuries. Seeking the support of an accident attorney in Chicago is almost always the most effective way to handle such legal matters and can simplify an otherwise complicated process for you and your loved ones.

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If you or a loved one was recently harmed by the CTA, pursuing legal action is often the only way of ensuring your injuries and related losses are appropriately provided for. Incidents involving the CTA can often be easier than other accident lawsuits because the governmental agencies that provide their citizens with public transportation have an obligation to provide safe transportation to their passengers.

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